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Multicamera Recording
Multiple cameras, capturing every detail.

Multicamera recording

Whether you host events, work in corporate or are producing shows: often there is a need to capture events from multiple angles to create a dynamic recording. Multiple cameras ensure that no details aremissed and the resulting video is engaging to watch. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and ensure a positive experience. 

Examples of multicamera recordings

Broadkastr is happy to support your multicamera recording. This includes recording on location and editing the video afterwards. If required, you can also count on our other services for your event, like audio support & aftermovies.


The Leuven Innovation Awards nominated 20 organizations & companies in four categories. They pitched for a jury, the winner of each category received a LIA: a Leuven Innovation Award!

Broadkastr provided

  • 3-camera recording
  • Integration with venue audio system
  • Individual video files for each startup
Tine Van Lommel as moderator during the Leuven Innovation Awards, announcing the next pitcher.Two co-founders of Extraqt thanking the attendees after receiving the award for Best Startup.
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An initiative from KU Leuven, UGent, Leuven MindGate and Healthhouse. During this event, experts provided an in-depth discussion about translating research to practical implementation.

Broadkastr provided

  • 4-camera recording and live audio
  • Decoration of stage
  • Aftermovie
Isabelle Francois explaining what Health House is on stage at Driven by Health.The attendees at Driven by Health, sitting on chairs, clapping for a speaker.
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For the past two editions, Broadkastr has recorded founders pitching their startup at Marie Thumas in Leuven. During this event, Leuven Value Network welcomes startups back after the Summer break. 

Broadkastr provided

  • 4-camera recording
  • Audio equipment and audio engineer
  • TVs and lights for stage decoration
Pitcher on stage at Startup Warmup, using his hands to explain something.Moderator on stage during Startup Warmup, announcing the next pitcher.
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What our clients are saying

Our LinkedIn comment section speaks for itself! That's what our mantra big enough to deliver, small enough to care means to us.

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