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Broadkastr is a tech provider for corporate events. Our expertise lies in video captation, video distribution (on site and online), and media control. Thanks to our scalable network infrastructure, we can easily distribute live or prerecorded video feeds, graphics and visual announcements throughout a venue. We integrate with your / your venue's audio partners, or subcontract our own audio team.

Our service area consists of all of Belgium (including Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven and other major cities). For larger projects, we also service neighbouring countries.

"Rockstars! Broadkastr provided the full audiovisual support at our We Are Sales Conference. With their flexible and solutions-oriented approach, we could trust they would deliver on their slogan. Great coordination and communication, I strongly recommend them - super professional!"

Dylan Mendes, CEO at We Are Sales
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Image Magnification (IMAG)

For large venues, an enlarged live feed of your speaker enhances the experience for your offline audience. If you're sitting at the back, you still like to see the emotions and facial expressions of a speaker. With IMAG, we can show a large close-up of a speaker, next to slides or other graphics.

The main stage of Leuven Slush'D, with a speaker pitching. On the big LED walls, a live close-up of the speaker is visible.A female speaker (Ellen Kugelberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Einride) giving a keynote at a corporate event (Leuven Slush'D).
The main stage of Leuven Slush'D, with two representatives announcing the next edition. On the large LED walls, the number 2024 is visible. Sparks are visible behind the speakers.An operator managing the side stage at Leuven Slush'D. There are multiple control panels on his desk. Three computer monitors show him the status of the recording, all the camera feeds, and the slides.

Slide and Media Management with speaker timers

The right content, at the right time. That's the main goal of the detailled rundown we create with our clients. Timers for speakers and moderators are included too, so they know how much time is left. With our custom software, we can make slide collection for many presentations a breeze, without exponentially growing email overhead.

Worldwide Remote Speakers

An online presentation should not feel like a Zoom call. We have full control over placement of webcam and slides. This means we can enlarge the speaker or the slides when appropriate, or show them on different screens. We ensure smooth, bidirectional communication with offline speakers and audience. 

An audience member at a conference listening to an online speaker. The webcam of the online speaker is visible on a TV screen on the stage.An online speaker giving a presentation at a conference. Her slides are visible on the projector, her webcam is visible on a TV on the screen. The audience is listening attentively.
A panel having a discussion on a stage. The stage is decorated with plants, colored lights, and screens.A founder presenting her startup at a startup pitch competition. There is a large TV screen with her slides on the side of the stage.

Additional venue displays

Displays can show media running of a local USB, or be centrally coordinated to display content at specific times. We can even send a live video feed of the stage to these screens. Thanks to our network-based infrastructure, we can add displays in a cost-effective way.

Livestreaming and Recording

Record keynotes and panels to distribute with your audience afterwards. Implement a livestream to reach your audience online. With our bonding internet router, we utilize redundant network connections as back-up in case the local internet connection is lacking.

A presentator (Francesca Vanthielen) announcing the next speaker at and& connect, a corporate event.A director cutting a live video feed for a corporate, high-end event. On the screen, all cameras are visible.
The main stage of Leuven Slush'D, with a speaker pitching. On the big LED walls, a live close-up of the speaker is visible.



Belgium's leading startup festival chose Broadkastr as its partner for video captation and slide management.

Broadkastr provided

  • Image magnification (IMAG) for the main stage
  • PTZ captation for the side stage
  • Slide and media management for both stages
A camera operator operating a broadcast camera, taking live shots of a speaker at a corporate event.A speaker standing on a stage during a startup pitch competition. The stage is elevated above a booth fair, with a night-club-like atmosphere.
A camera in the back of a big auditorium taking a shot of the stage. Light rays of the projector are visible, beaming an image on a screen.



Lifting Trailblazers. And& gathered the brightest entrepreneurs and investors for a three-day innovation festival. We captured the opening show with our cameras.

Broadkastr provided

  • High-end captation
  • Delivered recording of whole event, and each subsection
  • Integration with local audio crew
A panel of five speakers having a discussion. The light rays of colored stage lights are visible, and there is a bit of fog above the stage which gives a special effect.A presentator (Francesca Vanthielen) announcing the next speaker at and& connect, a corporate event.
An overview of the venue during the We Are Sales conference.



At We Are Sales, ambitious sales leaders gather to learn about the latest best practices, innovations, and trends in sales leadership and management.

Broadkastr provided

  • Eight in-venue screens to distribute video and schedule
  • Full AV stack, including video and audio
  • Integration with venue AV systems
An overview of the stage at the We Are Sales Conference. A woman is presenting her slides. A live image of a speaker shown on TV, while the speaker is visible in the background.
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