• Insights into attendee behaviour and lead generation during the webinar.
  • Interaction with audience through polling, Q&A and chat.
  • Corporate communication at scale, recording included.
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A behind-the-scenes picture of the control room of a webinar. On the screens, multiple cameras are visible. The set is visible in the background.
A picture of a Broadkastr-branded van, in front of the imec tower in Leuven.
A behind-the scenes look of an operator directing a webinar. There are multiple control panels in front of him, and on the screens are all the camera angles used in the production.
A screenshot of the footage of a webinar. The host and a speaker are discussing a topic, sitting in design sofas.
An offline attendee asking a question to an online speaker. The online speaker is visible on the projector.
A Broadkastr-branded van in front of the entrance of a Park Inn hotel.
Behind-the-scenes with an operator managing media playout and slides of a plenary session. On the screens of the operator, you can see all video inputs available, and a timer for the speaker. In the background, the stage is visible.
Five panelists having a discussion in front of an audience. In front of the panelists, a confidence monitor with the slides and a timer is visible.


  • Tools to easily collect slides, assign them to the correct rooms, and allow speakers to update them themselves. 
  • Capacity to provide for multiple plenary or break-out rooms
  • Full AV stack: audio, video, displays, coordination
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  • Specialized in presentations, trainings and lectures. Analytics on viewer behaviour.
  • At your office or at unique locations.
  • Short turn-around time with cloud workflow for media companies.
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A screenshot from a webinar recording, where four panelists are having a discussion around a table. In the background, a TV with a slide is visible.
Metejoor, a Belgian artist, performing outdoors in a cosy setting. A mobile camera operator can be seen capturing the artist.
A behind-the-scenes picture of the control room of a webinar. On the screens, multiple cameras are visible. An audio mixer is visible too on the desk. The set with studio lights is visible in the background.
A camera capturing two radio hosts and their guest in an outdoor setting.
A director cutting a live video feed for a corporate, high-end event. On the screen, all cameras are visible.
A female speaker (Ellen Kugelberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Einride) giving a keynote at a corporate event (Leuven Slush'D).
A female presentator (Francesca Vanthielen) announcing the next speaker at and& connect, a corporate event.
A camera in the back of a big auditorium taking a shot of the stage. Light rays of the projector are visible, beaming an image on a screen.


  • Coordination of media, slides and play-out, with option to provide and control multiple in-venue displays.
  • IMAG (image magnification) with PTZ or high-end broadcast systems, and recording of the event.
  • Virtual speaker stage and onboarding, with seamless bidirectional communication.
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Live Sports

  • Scalable deployment of cameras and screens thanks to network-based infrastructure.
  • Commentator flypack to integrate commentary in main stream and TikTok substream.
  • Visibility for sponsors and partners through graphics and advertisements, both on location and online.
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A mobile camera operator filming the victory celebration. The athletes are spraying champaign.
The control room where live coverage of a sports event (athletics) is covered. The director is instructing the team which cameras to select.
Two project coordinators wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket with a Broadkastr logo. They are discussing with the clients.
A swimming commentator taking notes. In front of him is a screen with the video feed that is being broadcasted to the internet.

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