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Livestream your hybrid event

Looking for a partner to support your hybrid solution?

Hybrid events are here to stay.  Combine the best of both worlds:  an offline experience with guests at the venue, and a scalable online audience that is part of an interactive event.


Mix online and offline

Real-time interaction with both your online and your offline audience makes sure that everyone is invested into the topic. Both audiences can ask questions to the presenter, or the online and offline attendees can even interact with each other.

Hybrid events offer flexibility: let your audience choose wheter they commute to the venue or stay at home for the online part. This is definitely a major advantage for hybrid congresses, and can cut back on transportation time and costs.

Seamless integration

A personal project manager will be assigned to you to ensure a reliable integration. We will contribute our digital experience to your event, in order to achieve a result that your company can be proud of. 

Our team is flexible. Even if unexpected things happen, we will follow along. For example, during the graduation ceremony on the picture to the right, an impulsive additional photo-moment outside was organized, our wireless mobile camera could capture the moment for the audience at home. 


Quality comes first

With experience across various industries, from interactive webinars to high-end webcasts, Broadkastr brings expertise and unique insights to the table. We distribute stable livestreams from your office or from the studio to your audience's eyes.


Our operators are trained in-house and ready to deliver on our mantra:  #bigenoughtodeliver_smallenoughtocare .

Hybrid, what's in a name?


Hybrid can be LARGE or small

Wheter your offline audience consists of 10 people or a 1000 people, we are able to cater to different needs. This is why communicate often with our clients. Read more on our process below!


Following online should not be a limitation

Online or offline, you should be able to ask questions and interact with the speakers. We have experience in creating a friction-free environment to make this happen.


At the office or at a venue

With our mobile setup, we can support your hybrid event anywhere. Would you prefer to host your audience in a studio? Please ask about it during our first call so we can offer you a few possibilities.

Hybrid events are truly a one-size-fits-all format. Company presentations, shareholder meetings, product launches, panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions, it is always possible to  blur the boundaries  between online and offline attendance. As an added bonus, the whole endaveour will be recorded for future use and distribution.

Alright, what's your process?

We are glad you asked! Below you can find the 6 steps that we go through to achieve great results for your livestream.

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 Let's hop on a call... 

... so we can understand what you would like to do. Why are you organizing the event? What did previous editions look like (if applicable)? How will we mix online and offline? And if you don't know all the answers, we will help you out.


 Receive a proposal, free of charge 

Our proposal will be tailored according to the conversation we had earlier. You are free to request changes and give remarks, so we can work towards a package that fits your needs.


 Preparation is key 

Once an agreement has been made, a personal project manager will be assigned to you. There are no do-overs when organizing a hybrid event, so our project manager will make sure everything is well prepared.


 The day of the event

Our team and our project manager will arrive well in advance to prepare the studio or your office for the session. We will go over the schedule together to ensure our teams are aligned.


 1, 2, 3, Live! 

During the event, our team will ensure a smooth experience for you and your guests. And if you want, you can be part of the process and take a spot next to our producer.


 After the hybrid event

Our project manager will do a debrief with you to discuss your experience. We will provide you with a recording of the whole event that you can reap the benefits from now and in the future. 

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