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Livestreaming for Businesses

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Multicamera recordings make use of multiple cameras to ensure your audience is engaged and attentive. Reuse your recording or snippets of the recording long after your event. Our goal? Creating an experience that is better than a first-row seat! Read more about multicamera below.



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A multicamera recording is much more than just setting up a couple of cameras and pressing record. By combining static cameras, wireless cameras, manned cameras and unmanned cameras; we make sure that our editor has the right footage at the right time for the final product. 

Not only will we provide you with a fully edited recording, you will also be provided with the individual footage so you can reuse it as you wish. And of course, our services also include adding logos, titles and speaker names to your video. 


Through our intercom, the team is communicating continously with the director, so the video footage is consistent and compatible. As we often say: video is a people service. You do need professional equipment that you can rely on, but it is the team that will make the difference.

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